Chronic disease management

Your doctor at Icon Health Screening is here to support you through the diagnosis and management of chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

At your first appointment, your doctor will conduct a thorough physical assessment and talk through your general health including your lifestyle and family history, along with any health concerns you may have. Based on this consultation and your health needs, you will receive relevant tests and investigations to develop the best treatment for you moving forward.

This may include relevant medications or supplements, along with referrals to physiotherapy or dietetic sessions, and regular follow-ups with your doctor to assess improvement.

Early detection and management of chronic diseases can prevent and reduce your risk of developing further complications. This will improve the outcome and quality of one’s life.

For a range of information on the prevention, diagnosis and management of chronic conditions, as discussed by Icon Health Screening’s Dr Lau Pik Onn, we encourage you to visit the Icon Health Screening Article Library.

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