Complimentary mammogram & GP consult for eligible AIA policyholders

Icon Health Screening is delighted to offer comprehensive mammogram screening including female GP consultation for eligible AIA policyholders with an AIA Early Detection Screening Voucher.

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Why choose Icon for your mammogram?

At Icon Health Screening, we include complimentary consultations with our experienced female GP doctor as part of your redemption of the AIA Early Detection Screening Voucher for a Mammogram.

Our female GP doctor will explain the mammogram and review the results with you, and advise you on next steps for your medical care. Our doctor will also be able to advise you on other healthcare and wellness concerns which you may have.

We pride ourselves in providing a friendly and discreet environment for your seamless mammogram screening at our one-stop clinic.

A supportive step-by-step approach:

  • Make your appointment via online booking, phone, WhatsApp or email – A member of our team will be in touch to confirm your appointment
  • Pre-mammogram screening assessment – Our team will assist to explain the process to you, how to prepare, and help you feel comfortable ahead of your mammogram appointment
  • Post-mammogram review – Our team will contact you with the results from your mammogram screening and will arrange for a face-to-face consultation with our doctor to explain these results

If you have any concerns, please contact our dedicated AIA Mammogram Screening email at or WhatsApp text or call our team via (65) 9620 3966.

Mammogram education and informationMammogram education and information

Who should receive a mammogram and why?

An annual mammogram screening is recommended for all Singaporean women aged 40 years and above. Mammogram screening plays an important role in the early detection of breast cancer, ensuring any changes to the breast are identified at an early stage (before you experience signs and symptoms) and offering a better chance of successful treatment.

What is a mammogram and how does it work?

A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast which can detect early signs of breast cancer. During a mammogram, your breast will be positioned between two x-ray plates which compress your breast tissue to ensure the x-ray is as clear as possible. Typically, two x-rays of each breast will be taken. The x-rays will then be analysed by a dedicated doctor who will meet with you to explain the results.

Is a mammogram painful?

Although mammograms may cause some discomfort, this only lasts a short amount of time during the screening process and can be minimised by scheduling the procedure when your breasts are least likely to be tender (e.g. the week following your menstrual period).

Why are additional / extra views sometimes required?

Sometimes you may be asked to come in for a secondary mammogram. Additional screens are to:

  • Look at an area of your breasts from other angles, or with further magnification
  • Evaluate a cyst in more detail
  • Evaluate calcifications – small pieces of calcium which develop in the tissue
  • Flatten out / compress the tissue to smooth out any overlap
  • Evaluate augmented breasts with implants (based on referral from a doctor)
What happens if the mammogram detects changes to my breast?

If changes to your breast are detected through a mammogram, this does not mean you have cancer. Your doctor will organise further mammograms, tests or scans to investigate your results, such as an ultrasound of your breast to identify any areas of concern, and may refer you to a specialist doctor if necessary. At Icon Health Screening, we are here to support you throughout this process and will ensure you receive comprehensive care both during screening and beyond into treatment if required.

Can I have a medical examination if I am having my menstrual period?

It is recommended to schedule your mammogram screening when your breasts are least likely to be tender. If you have not gone through menopause, this is usually during the week after your menstrual period. Your breasts are most likely to be tender the week before and the week during your menstruation.

Am I eligible for a complimentary mammogram at Icon Health Screening?

Yes, if you have received a valid AIA Early Detection Screening Voucher for a Mammogram. You will not be eligible for a mammogram screening if you have or are experiencing any of the below:

  • Are currently pregnant
  • Have been breastfeeding for the past six months
  • Have breast implants (unless you have a referral from a doctor to proceed)
  • Have a history of breast cancer
  • Have breast symptoms such as breast lumps, cysts, nipple discharge etc

You will need to present an original mammogram voucher from AIA, which is not expired, together with your NRIC/FIN/Passport and AIA HealthShield Gold Max e-Card, found in the AIA Healthcare mobile app, at your Icon Health Screening appointment.

For more information or if you are unsure regarding your eligibility, you can contact Icon Health Screening at (65) 9620 3966 or by emailing

About our Doctor at Icon Health ScreeningAbout our Doctor

Preparing for your mammogramPreparing for your mammogram

Your Icon Health Screening doctor and care team will talk you through how to prepare for your mammogram prior to your screening appointment.

Here is a quick reference breast screening preparation checklist:

Schedule the test at least two weeks after your COVID-19 vaccination (regardless of 1st/2nd/3rd dose) and advise the clinic on which arm the vaccination injection was administered.
Do not use any powders, perfume or deodorant on your breasts or armpits on the day of examination. Metallic particles in these products may show up on the mammogram and affect the accuracy of results.
Wear a two-piece outfit, e.g. t-shirt and pants, since you will only have to remove clothing from the waist up for your screen.
Bring along any previous mammogram films so the radiologist can compare the current images with previous ones.
Schedule the test for a time when your breasts are least likely to be tender. If you haven't gone through menopause, that's usually during the week after your menstrual period. Your breasts are most likely to be tender the week before and the week during your period.
There are no restrictions on food or fluid intake and you can continue taking your usual medications.

Further information and resourcesFurther information and resources

To learn more about the importance of breast screening, early diagnosis of breast cancer and treatment options available, we encourage you to visit the helpful articles below from Icon Health Screening and Icon Cancer Centre or ask one of our friendly team members at any time.


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