Customised Supplements

Icon Health Screening offers evidence-based, prescription grade customised supplements specifically blended to suit the unique health needs of those who want to maintain an active lifestyle as they age.

Customised supplements at IconCustomised supplements at Icon

At Icon Health Screening, we have developed a range of unique supplements which have been formulated to address specific health and wellness needs. Customised supplements are prescribed in combination with nutritional and fitness advice, alongside relevant blood and diagnostic investigations by our experienced doctor.

Icon medical-grade supplements are provided in a box of 30 individually sealed sachets with clear prescription instructions, which are convenient for travel and a busy lifestyle.

The following Icon customised supplements are available:

  • Icon Women’s Pro-Health – Developed with the active woman in mind, this supplement provides a clinically relevant dose of targeted probiotics to help fully support your gut microbiome, replenish healthy flora and reduce problematic yeast
  • Icon Women’s Health (Advanced Formula) – This unique blend is specifically formulated to provide all the important dietary components and vitamins for women who are peri-menopausal or who have gone through menopause
  • Icon Joint Health This customised blend provides essential supplements for important joint and bone health, offering extra support as we age to maintain a healthy active lifestyle
  • Icon Weight & Sugar Control This essential blend provides an important boost to support weight loss with sugar control. Best results are achieved by combining with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle with regular exercise

To find out which supplement will best suit your needs, please book an appointment with our doctor for a personal consultation. Teleconsultations, remote assessments and home delivery of supplements are also available.


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